Monday, 8 October 2007

Rufus Sexgod

This is another frivolous entry caused by the search optimisation goal I have on 43 things ( This one is caused originally by me mentioning that I came up quite a bit if you searched for rufus web analytics on google. I said this was in part because Rufus was an unusual name and so it skewed the probabilities with respect to search. This was followed by Andy G saying that he would search on rufus sexgod and see if I came up. I said I doubted I would but didn't think it was a hugely popular term so it *might* be possible to change that with a lot of work. I should never have said that. He has taken is as saying I might try to do the work to move "rufus sexgod" up in the rankings. I will clearly not do that level of work, but I feel the least I can do is put a page with the term "rufus sexgod" in on the web somewhere. My frivolous blog seems the sensible and safe place to put the term Rufus Sexgod, so here it is.

Rufus "Rufus Sexgod" Evison
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Rufus said...

It turned out that despite there being, at the time, millions of hits on the terms "Rufus Sexgod" This post went to number one after twenty minutes work. Since I got MS I feel particularly unsexy but it is nice to know that I did good SEO once upon a time. Still at number one!
Rufus Evison