Thursday, 4 October 2007

Poor advertising targeting

The findings of research shows the problem is rife, with the majority of people experiencing advertising that is badly pitched and intrusive. It reveals that 94% of users (*) say they have experienced tube posters that are totally unrelated to the station they are visiting. Furthermore, 95% of consumers say they have had station posters shown to them that are not relevant to them or their interests. More specifically 94% of people experience posters on the tubes themseleves that are of no interest to them. The reasearch highlights to media owners the importance of a focussed and cohesive strategy when courting the alleged, not-so-ellusive online spend. On tube line that is...

Rufus Evison

(*) So did the other 6% as the whole of the person I asked (+) was in agreement making a total of 100%, 94% of whom said the same as the rest.
(+) Me.

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