Sunday, 30 September 2007

Rufus Evison, Not Rufus Wainwright!

What’s in a name?

I decided, for fairly frivolous reasons, to google Rufus and see what I got. I was expecting to see more of Rufus and Chaka Khan than I did. Clearly I am out of date. It was all Rufus Wainwright this, and Rufus Wainwright that. If I were after Rufus Wainwright MP3s I would have found them in an instant (or more likely an enticement to sign up for spam disguised as an offer of free MP3 tracks).

Rufus Sewell got a look in, as did Rufus King, Rufus Thomas,Rufus W Johnson, Rufus Stokes, Rufus Zyrtec (with a cool name like that you will get found on the web) and finally Rufus Shinra. Sadly no Rufus Evison (well not in the pages I bothered to go through. I guess in a way this is good news. I am not famous. I do not want to be famous. Even as a child I wanted to be rich and respected *not* rich and famous. I like to think that in my field, (web guru/web analytics/Internet stuff) I am fairly well respected, so I am happy.

Finally, hallelujah, something about Rufus the name. A link called Definition of Rufus. It was not actually a real page, just a broken link, but it was not about Rufus Wainwright! This gave me more satisfaction than I care to admit.

Interestingly enough I did see that a web design house in Sunderland owns which I had considered buying years ago before going for my surname instead. If they felt like selling it I would actually be interested, but I cannot see a company called Rufus selling a domwin name like that, even if they do nto seem very good at Search Engine Optimisation (page 9?!?).

So, this article is perhaps of interest to anyone called Rufus themselves, but why would I bother putting it in a blog? Even a frivolous blog does not need so many examples from a google search. The answer is that I am doing an experiment in online branding (see This is part of why I am interested, but not the whole story. The rest is I am interested to see what affect putting all these Rufus references have on a page. It might even turn up on the search engines…

Rufus Evison

Friday, 28 September 2007

Theengs? I don't want no steenkin' Theengs!

I have been asked about decluttering life and avoiding gathering too many things.

I am something of an expert on gathering too many things because i have done it for most of my life. I am also a bit of an expert on stopping as I have helped people 9including myself) to do this.

I have found that a good way to slow down on buying things (and nowadays I pretty much do not buy things except as replacements) is to look at them and ask the following questions:

1) Do I need it? (Want does not count)
2) Who would I give it to?
3) Where would I put it? Is there really space?
4) When (exact dates) would I use it for the first and second times?

If you cannot immediately answer question 4 you probably do not need it.

I have a set of rules on owning things I wrote for my mother who is an even worse horder than I used to be. I put them upside-down on a T-shirt so she could look down at them any time she contemplated buying anything. I will see if
I can find them (once we are unpacked from the move) and post them as another article.

Rufus Evison