Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Rufus What?

I was looking at my post that said I came up quite heavily if you google "rufus web analytics" and so I took to wondering what other terms would find me, as well as what terms might find my friends. I count 'a find' if the person I am looking for comes up in the top 10 on google for a search term (without quotation marks) of their first name and one or two other words. Clearly having an unusual first name helps me in this game, but not everyone I know has that advatnage.

I think it is fair to say that William TP is well known in the field of anagrams as he totally dominates the results for "william anagrams" even though his first name is fairly common. Despite my having an unusual name I only manage two or three in the top ten for "rufus anagams" as I do not really have much of an interest in anagrams except peripherally due to knowing William.

Kirsty, a colleague of mine who works with retail media in digital channels comes up at the top for "kirsty retail media", which is indicative of her expertise.

The question is, what term do you need to put next to your name in order to appear in the top ten? What does that say about who you are?

Rufus Evison

P.S. Other terms I have noticed I do show up on include "rufus retail media", "rufus stag" , "rufus evison", "rufus punt", "rufus director", "rufus entrepreneur", "Rufus reasoned", "rufus coralie" (Coralie being my wife for those of you who do not know). I suspect there will be others that reveal much about me, but without knowing what to look for how will I find them?

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