Monday, 8 October 2007

Rufus Sexgod

This is another frivolous entry caused by the search optimisation goal I have on 43 things ( This one is caused originally by me mentioning that I came up quite a bit if you searched for rufus web analytics on google. I said this was in part because Rufus was an unusual name and so it skewed the probabilities with respect to search. This was followed by Andy G saying that he would search on rufus sexgod and see if I came up. I said I doubted I would but didn't think it was a hugely popular term so it *might* be possible to change that with a lot of work. I should never have said that. He has taken is as saying I might try to do the work to move "rufus sexgod" up in the rankings. I will clearly not do that level of work, but I feel the least I can do is put a page with the term "rufus sexgod" in on the web somewhere. My frivolous blog seems the sensible and safe place to put the term Rufus Sexgod, so here it is.

Rufus "Rufus Sexgod" Evison
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Thursday, 4 October 2007

Poor advertising targeting

The findings of research shows the problem is rife, with the majority of people experiencing advertising that is badly pitched and intrusive. It reveals that 94% of users (*) say they have experienced tube posters that are totally unrelated to the station they are visiting. Furthermore, 95% of consumers say they have had station posters shown to them that are not relevant to them or their interests. More specifically 94% of people experience posters on the tubes themseleves that are of no interest to them. The reasearch highlights to media owners the importance of a focussed and cohesive strategy when courting the alleged, not-so-ellusive online spend. On tube line that is...

Rufus Evison

(*) So did the other 6% as the whole of the person I asked (+) was in agreement making a total of 100%, 94% of whom said the same as the rest.
(+) Me.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Should I publish a different book through LULU?

I have a completed book that I have not tried to get published to any real extent because it is not of a type likely to make money. Not that I mind that, but publishers do tend to prefer an incentive. The problem is it does not fit any of the standard formats that uses. Should I make the effort to completely reformat it? If so do I need to buy software to convert it from word or is there a free way to do that?

Rufus Evison

Monday, 1 October 2007

The Test Article About Rufus Wainwright, Rufus Sewell, Etc...

This is the article I posted in the frivolous blog, cross posted here to test the effect.

What’s in a name?

I decided, for fairly frivolous reasons, to google Rufus and see what I got. I was expecting to see more of Rufus and Chaka Khan than I did. Clearly I am out of date. It was all Rufus Wainwright this, and Rufus Wainwright that. If I were after Rufus Wainwright MP3s I would have found them in an instant (or more likely an enticement to sign up for spam disguised as an offer of free MP3 tracks).

Rufus Sewell got a look in, as did Rufus King, Rufus Thomas, Rufus W Johnson, Rufus Stokes, Rufus Zyrtec (with a cool name like that you will get found on the web) and finally Rufus Shinra. Sadly no Rufus Evison (well not in the pages I bothered to go through. I guess in a way this is good news. I am not famous. I do not want to be famous. Even as a child I wanted to be rich and respected not rich and famous. I like to think that in my field, (web guru/web analytics/Internet stuff) I am fairly well respected, so I am happy.

Finally, hallelujah, something about Rufus the name. A link called Definition of Rufus. It was not actually a real page, just a broken link, but it was not about Rufus Wainwright! This gave me more satisfaction than I care to admit.

Interestingly enough I did see that a web design house in Sunderland owns which I had considered buying years ago before going for my surname instead. If they felt like selling it I would actually be interested, but I cannot see a company called Rufus selling a domwin name like that, even if they do not seem very good at Search Engine Optimisation (page 9?!?).

So, this article is perhaps of interest to anyone called Rufus themselves, but why would I bother putting it in a blog? Even a frivolous blog does not need so many examples from a google search. The answer is that I am doing an experiment in online branding (see This is part of why I am interested, but not the whole story. The rest is I am interested to see what affect putting all these Rufus references have on a page. It might even turn up on the search engines…

Rufus Evison