Sunday, 11 September 2011

Understanding Chomsky

Ideas have colours for me. Sadness can be blue, so the idea that my daughter's hamster (*) has died is tinged with pastel blue. Beyond this, ideas have colour as well. An accountacy protocol would be a colourless idea to me whereas a more lively or lusty idea might be colourful. The hamster idea is essentially a fact, dry and now that it has been true for a few years fairly emotionless. It has faded to a colourless blue tinged idea that rests gently at the bottom of my mind.
That is another thing ideas can do, they can rest gently or foment rest furiously, they can move decisively or drift aimlessly. So what is a green idea you ask. A blue idea is clear and can see red but what would a green idea be? It is one that is growing, perhaps shading those around it, toiling in the fashion of the violent growth of the jungle, ever creative.

Rufus Evison

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