Monday, 22 March 2010


On Sunday my son did something that I am going to call the start of his being able to read. He has been playing with learning to read for a while. He has been able to puzzle out words when asked to by looking at the letters and trying to say them and so forth. What he did on Sunday was to be playing at something else when he saw the words on and off on one of his toys. Without thinking he read on/off. It surprised him and so he told us what it said.

Before that he might have asked but he would have been clearly working it out before hand. It is the act of reading rather than working out what the word is that was new. I am delighted for him as he has reached that age when he wants to be reading.

Normlly these things are so gradual that you cannot pick a place and say "that is when it started". When there is an exception to this it is wonderful to behold. I remember the day that my Daughter first started walking. Before then she had moved from place to place whilst remaining upright but she was not really walking. It was only when she walked a few steps without thinking what she was doing that I felt she was walking. She was really rather surprised and when she realised proceeded to look herself up and down to work out what had just happened. She then tried a tentative step and fell over. It was clear to everyone that she could walk within a day or so, but that moment was the turning point.

I feel that Theo has reached the same turning point. It wil be a while before he can read anythign put in front of him but the mental switch has flicked and now it is just a question of writtern vocabulary.

My son can read!!!

Rufus Evison

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Bob Mitchell said...

Woot! - Linus (age 5) is only just getting to that, I think there may have been point where it happened before, but it may have been remembering (frighteningly good memory) rather than reading.

Anyhow. Good News.


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