Thursday, 22 May 2008

Carbon Footprint

I have been asked to look at the term Carbon Footprint and how it appears to search. It seems that most of what you see when you search for carbon footprint are sites whcih talk about carbon footprint calculators. There is also some descussion of the definition of carbon footprints and how they should be viewed in terms of claims by businesses. Does a carbon footprint include the carbon footprint of your suppliers footprints when they were creating the items you use to creat your products for instance. If not the footprint for your product is misleading, if so then the carbon footprints are going to be double counted.

I will probably have to update this to get it to register on search engines itself, but I will see if it manages on its own for the moment. In the meantime a question to ponder: what is the carbon footprint of a blog article?

Rufus Evison

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